Steve Jobs Economic Impact Activity

The legacy of Steve Jobs is extraordinary.  Given his passing, this is an opportunity for students to reflect and also think economics when it comes to the products and services that Jobs oversaw.  In this activity, the teacher divides the class into small groups, has students investigate some of Jobs top products/services, and then prepares for a large group discussion on which product/service has had the biggest impact.  This type of lesson is what we call a       Response Group       strategy.  Students use facts such as citations and economic data to build a persuasive argument.  Because the activity spirals from small group to large group, it involves all students and builds towards a competitive but respectful debate.

Give the students the following directions and then follow the link to the accompanying matrix you have students complete prior to large group discussion.


During the time that Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, NeXT, and Pixar, he oversaw the development of several projects.

Working in a small group, complete the following prior to a large group discussion:

*  Uncover background information on each of the products Jobs helped to introduce into the marketplace.  Use the web to complete the accompanying matrix.

*  Find out how many people use the product or service (or have used it) and it’s sales to date.  Complete the final box as well stating your group response on this product/service lasting impact.

*  Prepare one person in your group to present your consensus answer to the question:  “Which of Steve Jobs products/services has had the largest impact?”  You must cite numeric information on number of users/buyers and sales when your group responds.  You must also include your citations for this information.  Your group must also be able to state what lasting impact this product has had in the market place.

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