Starters Guide to Free Web Tools

Web 2.0 Tools Handout

There are a tremendous amount of websites out there now (usually referred to as web 2.0) which allow users to create content.  You’re actually on one right now…a blog.  With all of these resources, they offer tremendous promise for classroom application.  The trick is to pick a few and begin to infuse inside your class.  From time to time, you will see our TCI bloggers refer to, or even use, sites.  For techies, web 2.0 is like breathing.  They can’t imagine life without it.  For many teachers though, it can be overwhelming.

We’ve worked to create a quick guide to some of the more popular web 2.0 sites out there.  This guide will give you basics on how to get started and how they can be used in a great TCI activity.  Feel free to download and share this document with colleagues.  If there’s another site you feel we should really take a look at, please let us know!  We’re always on the hunt for great new tools for teachers.

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