So Long Flash, Welcome HTML5

Flash, you served us well, delivering Reading Challenges for the past several years, but it’s time to bring a new partner into the world of TCI Subscriptions.  Coming this summer, we’re welcoming HTML5. What does this mean for you?


1)    Full iPad compatibility for Student Subscriptions. Reading Challenges, text tools, and all other student features will work flawlessly on the iPad.
2)    New features.  HTML5 gives us access to new resources and allows us to integrate new features like super cool drawing tools.
3)    Improved performance. Faster load times, more consistent experiences, and that beautiful iPad display are just a few benefits.
4)    It may be time for a browser upgrade.  If you have Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, you’re already covered. You don’t need to do anything.  If you’re using Internet Explorer, you’ll need to add Google Chrome Frame.  But don’t worry, it’s not scary.  Just click here and you’re all set!


We hope you’ll love all of the great features HTML5 allows us to bring you as we continue to strengthen your subscriptions.

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