Salem Witchcraft Activity – Dot Game

Salem dot game from Brian Thomas

Are you a middle school or high school teacher that covers the Salem witchcraft trials?  If so, we have a great seasonal activity to try out with your students.  Following the idea from another TCI activity from the cold war era, we have adapted our popular Dot Game activity to be run to cover the suspicion-filled atmosphere surrounding the Salem colonies in 1692.

Download this slide share (above) as well as the activity directions (below) to conduct this 45 minute activity with your students.  This lesson strategy uses an Experiential Exercise to create a strong emotional response to content.  Make sure you save enough time to debrief the simulation and make a connection to the historical content.

Enjoy this thrilling activity with your students and examine an important part of history for the New England colonies at the same time.  For more great lessons from TCI, stop over and visit our social studies.

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