Rainy Day Ideas for Summer

Plagued with a rainy summer day and not quite sure what to do? Well, TCI did a little brainstorming and came up with a list of some fun activities to do when the weather is not quite cooperating with your summer plans.

Movie Marathon

Take this opportunity to have a movie marathon! Have each kid pick a movie they love or haven’t seen yet, and spend the afternoon enjoying some cinematic favorites. If you feel like venturing into the rain, take a trip to a local movie theater and check out some new releases. Either way, a movie marathon is a fun way to make use of an otherwise dreary day. And be sure to prepare some snacks to munch on!


Though a classic rainy day option, one can never go wrong with diving into a good book. Check out a must-read list online, find your favorite author, or reread one of your favorite books. Reading is not only relaxing, but is a great way to stimulate and engage your brain. Encourage kids to find a book that they’re interested in, and see if they get hooked on a new author or series that they can continue to enjoy for months, or even years!

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Put on your treasure hunting hat and go a-looking for the buried prize! Set up a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt in your own house. Scatter some clues around the house to be found, or go one step further to create a homemade treasure map and send kids searching for the prize. Have the treasure at x-marks-the-spot be a sweet treat, a small toy, or let the winner create the next treasure hunt adventure. This is a great way to keep the fun and energy alive while still inside.

Rescue a Worm

If there is a break in the rain, take a quick trip outdoors and scour the sidewalks. Look closely along the edges of the sidewalk and see if you can spot any worm escapees. Worms tend to come out when it rains as the wet ground allows them to move above ground to a new location. If you find a worm on the slowly drying sidewalk, gently pick up the worm and place it back into the safety of the grass. Be sure not to step on any other worms on the sidewalk!

Make Popsicles

You can never go wrong with a cold, sugary treat, so why not take this time indoors to make homemade popsicles! Have kids pick their favorite juice, such as lemonade or orange juice, and pour it into a small cup or popsicle molds. If you use a small cup, cover the top with saran wrap, and then poke a popsicle stick through the plastic. The saran wrap will help hold the stick in place. Place your soon-to-be popsicles into the freezer and wait for them to solidify. Not only are these easy to make, but kids are sure to appreciate these tasty treats.


Don’t be discouraged if a summer rain prevents you from having fun outdoors. Staying indoors still has plenty of fun to offer for everyone. Try a hand at one of these ideas, or comment below a few of your favorite rainy day activities!

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