Putting an End to Neanderthal Teaching

I joined TCI in early 1993 when the company was in its infancy. We were churning out thick binders loaded with supplemental activities and slides. Remember slides?

One of the early milestones was the publication of our methodology book, History Alive!, by Addison Wesley. At the publication party, our founder, Bert Bower, presented us with the t-shirt pictured here. (I’m think he violated five or six copyrights in the shirt’s creation!) What you see is the back featuring a Far Side cartoon in which the father caveman sees his son’s report card and exclaims, “Oh look, things gets better. F in history. You even flunk something not happen yet.” Below the cartoon is the caption: Putting an end to Neanderthal teaching.

Threadbare, tattered around the collar and bearing holes in the sleeves, this t-shirt remains a favorite, not so much for the Far Side comic or the admittedly egotistical caption, but for its spirit. We’ve always believed that there was more to good teaching than delivering sit and get lectures followed assigning¬†textbook reading and a¬†worksheet.

As TCI now boldly goes into the world of classroom technology, our beliefs and overarching philosophy haven’t wavered. TeachTCI and LearnTCI are designed to engage kids and make it easier than ever for teachers to use our lessons since the Classroom Presenter brings lessons to life.

Technology isn’t a cureall and, used ineffectively, can still fall into the “Neanderthal” category.

So, tell us. How do you use classroom technology to engage students? How has TCI Tech worked in your classroom?

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