PureGenius Contest: What is Your Great Notebook Idea?

Teachers love to talk about the Interactive Student Notebook. In my experience, nothing generates more conversation than the simple question, “How do you grade the notebook?”

So we thought that having a PureGenius contest on the Interactive Student Notebook would be a perfect way to kick off 2011. Teachers can enter their ideas for a chance to win $100 (and be entered into our iPad drawing) and everyone will benefit from the exchange of ideas.

Our PureGenius contest asks:

What is your great idea for managing or evaluating the Interactive Student Notebook?

We bet you have a dozen great ideas you can enter! Do you

-have a slam dunk way to grade student assignments?
-use a preview or processing assignment that resonates with students?
-have a secret for getting students to create high quality notebooks?

    If so, enter your idea in our PureGenius contest today! We are accepting entries through 1/26/11 and you can enter as many times as you like with different great ideas.

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