Predictions, Predictions!

I don’t buy magazines while in line at the grocer. I do however love looking at the covers. My favorite time to look at them is the year-end issues. Each tabloid is usually graced with a so-called “expert psychic” who makes their predictions for the coming year. (Unfortunately, these tabloids never post their psychic’s success rate from the previous year).
Given that we’re moving towards the end of the year, and I hadn’t blogged an article recently….I thought I would make some outlandish predictions for education-related issues. Care to make some of your own predictions, please comment.

1. Political leaders will start to include the words “social studies” into their standard, “We need to improve resources and materials so that students do better in reading, math, and science…” lines.
2. Justin Bieber will once again have a number one hit, the subject of which will be all about the Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930.
3. George Clooney will forgo the grind of Hollywood to be an elementary teacher near his boyhood home in Northern Kentucky.
4. Scientists discover “cool” gene closely linked with love for Geography.
5. Led by Bono and including other artists described with one name, icons go on fundraising tour for financial literacy awareness.
6. Anthony Hopkins wins Oscar for his gritty, real portrayal of President James K. Polk in movie “54-40 or Fight”
7. Top-grossing app for mobile devices will be Oregon Trail.
8. Wiki-leak documents will prove conclusively a media conspiracy to stereotype social studies teachers as whistle blowing do-nothings.*
9. The heirs of the person who invented peanut butter will set up a civics foundation which out-paces the Gates donations to education.
* Just so we’re clear, I coached 12 years and never once owned a pair of coaches shorts that I know of.

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