Our Best Teacher Appreciation Moments

Many of us at TCI are former teachers. We know what the daily classroom life of a teacher can be and how nice it is when you feel appreciated. Some of us took a step back to reflect about our teaching days and our favorite teacher appreciation moments.

Bert: “My favorite gifts have always been student comments. One year a former student came back and visited me as a college sophomore. He told me he was inspired to become a Latin American Studies Major because of the elective I taught on the History and Culture of Latin America.”

Deanna: “I have two, one was a poem a student wrote about me and entered it into a district wide competition and I didn’t know anything about it until she invited me to go with her to receive her award and she read it aloud to the audience.   The other was a drawing of my classroom where the artist incorporated everything I cared about and that was important to me somewhere in the drawing. She had secretly been gathering information about me for weeks to include in her drawing, my favorite hobbies, sports teams, ice cream flavor, stuff about my kids, crazy stuff. Both gifts took time, thought, and energy..I will love them both forever.”

Nancy: “My favorite Teacher Appreciation gift was a book written by the class called “Top 10 Reasons We Love Mrs. Bredin”.  The students each created a page that included the the top 10 things they liked about being in my classroom!”

Suzy: “I received a beautiful green silk wrap from a student in my AP USH class who spent part of the term in Israel.  Since I tutored her from afar, she brought the gift to me and I still wear it every chance I can.”

Dawn: “A group of students recruited another teacher in the building who was into scrapbooking to help them make me an amazing scrapbook full of pictures and notes from each of my classes one year.  Pretty impressive gift from 8th graders!  It is a treasure that I still dig out often…”

Tell us your favorite teacher appreciation moment.

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