New Technology for the New Year in the Classroom

With a New Year now in full swing, we anticipate the new types of technology we might see in the upcoming months. Technology provides a bevy of interactive teaching options that are filled with multimedia and other fun learning methods to better motivate students. Most teachers love how technology allows them to save time with lesson plans, and create custom approaches for their individual students. So, what can we expect to see with 2018 rolling in?

SMART Boards

SMART Boards are certainly a current trend, but what’s expected to happen is a huge rise in popularity. More teachers are expected to use SMART Boards in the coming years to help them expand their teaching methods. SMART Boards are designed to connect to a computer’s white board, a projector plus a pen that allows you to write on a computer program. With a SMART Board, you can use a bevy of multimedia methods to make the lesson entertaining. Many teachers also love SMART Boards because they can record their lessons while using the technology, allowing students to rewatch later for reinforcement.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Some teachers have started using either virtual or augmented reality systems in their classrooms to create new, interactive experiences. Currently, there are a wide variety of products that allow for this teaching style, and give students the opportunity to take virtual three-dimensional field trips to various locations and time periods in history. While you can purchase these types of sets for a low cost, you can also utilize some free apps and a smartphone to use this type of technology in the classroom.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is  is a very new trend in the K-12 classroom, but its popularity is expected to rise. Cloud computing allows students to share files and data easily, and they can use simple, free tools like Google Drive to connect with teachers and peers. Using a cloud drive also allows students to access their files from anywhere. In addition, teachers can use various types of cloud program to help them grade, and then be able to keep track of their student’s progress with various metrics.

With the use of technology obviously on the rise in the modern K-12 classroom, it’s time to consider a curriculum that can help you spice things up with multimedia concepts, allow you to customize lessons, and create an interactive learning process for your students. With TCI’s interactive science and social studies curriculum programs, teachers get a bevy of customizable lesson plans and multimedia resources that help boost your student’s success.

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