Musically Challenging and Constitutional Too!

Can you and your students come up with a song to go with each amendment in the Bill of Rights?

The other day I was writing up a lesson for Constitution Day (September 17 y’all!) and I was brought back to my childhood with the song “Preamble” from School House Rock.  Now, if you are as old (or young at heart) as I am, you can probably recite all the words.  Music has a funny way of bringing back emotions and impressions.  It’s precisely for that reason that any good teacher knows to incorporate music into their lesson plans from time to time.

Given that we’re about to celebrate our nation’s constitution, I thought it fitting to provide you and your students a little challenge.  Can you come up with a song title for each of the Bill of Rights?  Think of what each amendment means and then draw upon your musical interests and knowledge.  See if you can come up with school-appropriate titles that would show you “get it” when it comes to knowing what the amendment is about.

This is a friendly challenge of course…nothing but pride on the line.  Think of this as a great way to get your students invested in revisiting what we, as a nation, hold very dear.

If you could, when you post your songs as a comment to this blog, share your school location as well.  We’re looking forward to what you come up with.  If you can come up with a creative way for sharing your list of ten songs, please do!

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