Methods Students Share Creativity

Creating a cooperative, tolerant classroom is critical to getting the most out of your class.

Professor John Krownapple (Johns Hopkins University) is a believer in preparing his methods students with hands-on teaching strategies and stressing the importance of creating a cooperative, tolerant classroom.  John has used TCI’s methods book as a resource.  Recently, he challenged his masters level students to creatively share what they learned.  Two of his students, Jessica Krasnick and Alex Furno, turned their assignment in a unique way.  John was so impressed by their work and creativity, he was kind enough to send it my way.  I was floored by what I watched and heard.

In true multiple intelligence fashion, both of them used their musical rhythmic skills to demonstrate what they have learned.  Jessica wrote and plays a guitar as she sings. You can watch her video by clicking here.  Tara said the following of her song:

This is a song I created for my Social Studies Methods course based on the chapter on creating a Cooperative and Tolerant Classroom. The song’s lyrics, set to the tune of The Beatles “Let it Be,” addresses six of the ten steps presented in Social Studies Alive! Methods to Transform Elementary Instruction.

Alex also used his musical abilities to show what he has internalized about creating the right classroom atmosphere.  His is a rap and it’s very catchy.  Alex said of his project:

This is a rap song to the tune of 50 Cent’s hit ‘In da Club’. This song, In da Class, describes steps 1-5 of a Cooperative Tolerant Classroom taken from the text Social Studies Alive! Methods to Transform Elementary Instruction. It was originally made as a graduate class assignment to detail what to do, when, and why, using at least 5 out of the 10 steps from this section. I’m happy to report they’re working great in my class. Thanks for listening!

We appreciate the time and talent of both Jessica and Alex, and especially are grateful they are willing to share them with the community of educators who frequent our TeacherGenius section.  I also want to thank John for using our methods book and challenging his students to do something meaningful with what they learn.  His is a great example of how to empower students to use their skills in creative ways.  Are you doing creative assignments with your students?  If so, share with everyone by submitting your ideas in TeacherGenius.

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