Kindergarten Science Curriculum

As a kindergarten teacher, you have the unique opportunity of helping shape the beginnings of a student’s education background. TCI provides a comprehensive kindergarten science curriculum to schools across the nation, helping them simplify their lesson planning process so that they spend less time planning and more time interacting and engaging with students in the classroom.

Kindergarten Science Textbook Curriculum

In our kindergarten science textbook, you’ll find that we have broken down the kindergarten science curriculum into three units, all while keeping up with state standards:

  • Unit 1 – The first unit of the kindergarten science textbook guides young, new students through learning more about plants, animals, and people. You’ll help them understand where plants and animals are found, how people change the Earth, and how we can help to take better care of the Earth.
  • Unit 2 – In this unit you’ll introduce kindergarten students to simple concepts like “How do things move?,” the difference between pushing and pulling, how those same movements can move an item, and more.
  • Unit 3 – The final unit in our kindergarten science textbook teaches young students about weather, how weather changes, what keeps the Earth warm, how people stay warm in the winter, what creates storms, and how people can prepare for an oncoming storm.

We also have science activities for kindergarten available as part of our kindergarten science curriculum. They integrate seamlessly into our kindergarten science textbook, making it easier than ever to get students involved in a hands-on manner with their education.

Kindergarten Science Material Kits

We have Bring Science Alive! Material Kits available for you to make it easy to engage your students in fun and interactive science activities. Whether you’re a new teacher trying out TCI for the first time or you’ve been with us for years, we’ve made it easy to order. Refill Kits are also available to restock on completed activities or to prepare in advance for upcoming lessons.

Contact us today to learn more about our TCI subscription and how we help teachers just like you simplify the lesson planning process for teachers and administrators in schools all across the nation.

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