Interactive Student Notebook: Top Tips

Personalized notebook covers are an excellent way to give students ownership over their notebooks.

Nothing generates more discussion and questions than the Interactive Student Notebook. Teachers are eager for tips on how to grade them and have a life, how to create engaging assignments, and how to manage them. Here are our top tips that we shared in our webinar, The Best Ideas for Managing and Evaluating the Interactive Student Notebook (available on-demand on Friday, September 23).

 Top Ten Notebook Management Tips

1. Set Expectations

2. Include a table of contents

3. Encourage students to personalize their covers, author pages, and unit title pages

4. Use a clasp envelope

5. Glue or tape in the last three minutes

6. Keep a master notebook

7. Do random notebook checks

8. Give random notebook quizzes

9. Make sure students have the tools to do the job

10. Use peer pressure to your advantage

Top Five Evaluation Tips

1. Start strong
Monitor aggressively by walking around and writing comments and suggestions in Interactive Student Notebooks.

2. Allow students to use their notebooks on quizzes
-Helps students understand the importance of taking notes.
-Encourages students to bring their notebooks daily.
-Builds good work habits for the future.

3. Be clear on what your objective is
-Focus more on process?
-Focus more on product?
-Use as a tool to study for state tests

4. Create an evaluation form
-Make it easy to understand for you and your students.
-Your own design

5. Let your students create the rubric

Four Evaluation Methods

1. Grade Each and Every Page

2. The Math Way (Collect notebooks but grade two questions or assignments)

3. Spot Check

4. Grade 10 Things

Download the handouts from today’s webinar:

Best Ideas for the Notebook_Elementary

Best Ideas for the Notebook_Secondary

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