Historic Heroines: Classroom Resources for Women’s History Month

March marks “Women’s History Month,” a time in which we honor the achievements and efforts of women across the globe.

This month provides a perfect opportunity to create social studies and history lessons that highlight significant female figures. While there is an endless list of women to recognize, here are some of my favorite online resources that can help create engaging and research-driven activities for students:

1. The National Women’s History Museum offers a range of online exhibitions that showcase the role of women in a variety of historical settings, such as World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, and the English colony of Jamestown. Visitors will also find an abundance of historical biographies, videos, educational activities, and more.

2. Some of the most profound accomplishments have come from women scientists and engineers. To honor these heroes, the White House launched “The Untold Stories of Women in Science and Technology,” which profiles some of their inspiring stories. These audio biographies are told by current women leaders in STEM and are available free for anyone.

3. The Library of Congress is a long-time favorite for free primary and secondary sources on U.S. history.  They recently created the “Rosa Parks: Primary Source Gallery,” which features items such as Park’s written reflections on her fight against segregation, personal letters, and historical photographs. In the classroom, students can analyze these resources to learn more about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

4. With elections approaching, this month is a perfect time to expand students’ knowledge on Women’s Suffrage. The National Archive provides a set of digitized primary source documents from this movement. The site features items like a “Petition to Congress” from 1871 and “A Resolution Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution” from 1868.

What are some of your favorite Women’s History Month activities? Comment your answers!

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