Healthy Food And Better Student Performance

Healthy School Lunches

Originally I set out to write an article on the importance of eating healthy. If students have a healthy diet, they are more likely to have better performance in school.  Makes sense, right?  There’s even a scientific study that confirms the assertion.  Yet, I still hear stories of schools having “Doughnut Day” on “Standardized Test Day.”

As I was thinking of this blog, I realized that this could very easily start to sound preachy. But then I saw an article on Yahoo! yesterday that disturbed me.  Apparently a Chicago school is banning homemade lunches from parents. (See article).  The thought is that unless your kids have food allergies, the school will do a better job of feeding your children than you will. At first this made me mad. A school overriding my food for my kids! But then I had to cool off. I know I’m not the norm in parenting. The average lunch I pack for my daughter is 100% organic. And absolutely no processed food/refined sugar. And realistically we know America has a childhood obesity problem. One of the CDC’s entries on childhood obesity asks schools to tackle the problem. (See CDC ideas).

So what do you think? How involved should schools be in tackling childhood nutrition? Should schools ban homemade lunches?

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