Halloween Lesson for Elementary Students

Play a game of “What’s behind the blocks” with your students.

If you teach elementary school and want a fun activity that teaches some of the trivia related to Halloween in under 30 minutes, we have just the thing for you!

This activity uses a PowerPoint  provided by www.uncw.edu/EdGames.  You can download this template by clicking on the picture or clicking here. Halloween Game

  1. Print slide 5 and make 10-15 copies. Cut apart.
  2. Split the class into two teams.  Tell the students that they will play a Halloween trivia game in ten minutes.
  3. Pass out a set of trivia questions so that there are enough for two to three students to share.  Tell the students they have ten minutes to read the questions and answers before playing.
  4. Have one of the teams begin (choosing questions at random) by answering the first question.  If they are correct, click the remove button (ONLY ONCE).  If the group is incorrect, allow the other team to answer.  A correct response is worth one point.
  5. Once there are three or fewer boxes remaining on the board, allow a team to try to guess the subject of the image beneath after they have responded to a question correctly.
    • The image is an oil painting by John Quidor entitled, “The Headless Horseman Pursuing Ichabod Crane” (1858).
    • When the game is over, you could give the students additional information regarding this wonderful Halloween story by Washington Irving and how Quidor used Irving’s vivid details when he painted the image.  Visit this great website by the Smithsonian for more info: http://americanart.si.edu/education/insights/pictures/quidor/ .  You might even consider reading portions of the book to students as you look at Quidor’s painting.
  6. If a team correctly guesses the subject of the painting, award them two bonus points. Continue playing until all the boxes have been removed.
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