Great Ways to Pair Students

When I saw this Dilbert in Sunday’s paper, I chuckled thinking about TCI strategies that put students into groups and pairs. Done without purpose or haphazardly, putting students into groups is ineffective. Give them roles, a purpose, and juicy content, and students can soar working with others. After all, Cohen’s theory of cooperative interaction leading to increased learning gains is a foundation of the TCI Approach!

One of our favorite ways to pair students is with appointment calendars or “meet me at” documents. Early in the semester, have students make appointments or agree to meet classmates at the places on the document.  Then, when you need to pair up students for a Skill Builder or other activity, have them meet their appointment for 3:00 or the Sydney Opera House.

I’ve attached a document with several examples for elementary and secondary. If you have another great idea for pairing students, click “comment” and tell us about it. Better yet, submit it to TCI’s TeacherGenius.


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