Great Science Discoveries in 2016

2016 was a year full of exciting new discoveries, especially in science. Below are just a few of those amazing finds that science from around the world has helped us to uncover.

Cybernetics Allows a Quadriplegic Man to Move His Fingers

Despite a man being a quadriplegic for six years, he has since been able to move his fingers again due to a recent implant of a small chip in his brain. This chip sends signals from the brain to a specially designed electronic piece that is worn on the man’s arm, and uses a series of wires to help stimulate muscles in the arm to move them in real time.

New Data Storage Method Discovered

We all want the guarantee that our important data, once stored, will be safe forever. When it comes to storing data, like our favorite photos, important school documents, and more, they get stored on devices like hard drives, flash drives, or our phones. Unfortunately, the devices we use for the purpose, like hard drives or USBs, can degrade over time and the data can still be lost.

While most of our modern technology can survive for many years before we have to consider transferring data to a new storage device, there is a new method  that can potentially store data for billions of years.

This new method involves a nano-structured glass, about the size of a quarter, which can hold up to 360 terabytes (TB) of data (equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes!), while being able to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Each file on the glass disc is written in the form of nanostructured dots.

SpaceX Lands a Rocket Vertically

Landing rockets vertically has been a challenge of space technology for years: in fact, the only time you would have seen it is on TV. Up to this point, most rockets are either dropped into the ocean or burned up in the atmosphere.

Last year, SpaceX was able to successfully land a rocket vertically on a moving, autonomous drone ship in the water. This new accomplishment will help to push space technology forward to make it cheaper and more efficient in years to come.

Gravitational Waves Discovered

About a hundred years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, which are created during  significant events in the universe. In 2016, two black holes got caught in each other’s gravitational forces and merged with one another.

With the help of specialized detectors in both Washington State and Louisiana, scientists were able to detect gravitational waves passing through the earth in February, and then again a few months later.

The discovery of gravitational waves will help scientists and astronomers better understand the universe, like the enigmatic black holes, and see the unseen.

These are just a few of the grand discoveries in 2016, but all of them helped to push our understanding of science and technology forward. At TCI, we help teachers create environments for students to thrive  by providing tools to engage students and excite them about the potential of science. Scientific discoveries made in 2016 were created by teams of people who are passionate about science, and for many of them it started when they were children, curious about how the world works. Create a team of passionate scientists with TCI today!

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