Glossary: Coming Soon to Student Subscriptions

Among the many fantastic updates coming to Student Subscription in July is the addition of a glossary in all programs. Students using our History Alive! The Ancient World program can look up words like dynasty, democracy and dharma…and that’s just in the Ds! Of course, we’ve kept the in-line definitions in the student text.


We’ve been testing and piloting all of the new features recently and have been stunned by the response the glossary is receiving. People are ecstatic about it! Our software developers are a little surprised. They’ve built sophisticated and complex features in the subscription and didn’t expect this relatively simple one to be the one to “wow” teachers. It’s sort of like your kids playing with the box their Christmas presents came in.


Be that as it may, we’re delighted that you’re delighted. How will you use the glossary with your students? Why are you excited about this new feature?

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