Glee’s McKinley High “Adopts” TCI

Last week TCI staffers were tickled to see that Glee’s McKinley High has apparently “adopted” TCI. In last week’s season premiere we saw a few seconds of our Econ Alive! The Power to Choose Student Edition.

Kurt grabs Econ Alive! out of his locker and is holding the book when he discovers that Blaine has transferred to McKinley.

Word on the street is McKinley High also has other TCI high school textbooks on set – Geography Alive! Regions and People, History Alive! Pursuing American Ideals, and Government Alive! The Power to Choose.  Please help us spot TCI in upcoming Glee episodes this year. And for your students who love Glee, it might be fun to tell them that the actors on Glee are using the same books. How is that for motivating your students to do their homework?

Watch the clip using Econ Alive! on Hulu.

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