Geography Alive! Enrichment Activity with Absolute Location

Our CEO and founder, Dr. Bert Bower, has put on his mad scientist (err geographer) hat on to create a wonderful and engaging enrichment activity to extend students undestanding of absolute location.  This activity sports rich use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) as students study and use latitude, longitude, degree confluences, and theme maps to research locations around the world.  As an added bonus, teachers and students discover a great website  You can download the presentation, go full screen from here, or even print out any of the handouts/placards from the presentation by clicking the  icons in the lower right-hand corner of the screen (for the Slide Rocket presentation).

On the description of the activity, we encourage teachers to have introduced basic map skills prior to this activity.  A great resource for that would be two of our lessons (The Tools of Geography and A Spatial Way of Thinking) from Geography Alive! Regions and People.  If you are unfamiliar with this great program that incorporates ALL 18 National Geography Standards from NCGE (National Council for Geographic Education), you can sign up for a trial HERE.

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