Generic Names for Soft Drinks

When practicing GIS skills with your students we know you certainly cover the use of theme maps.  In fact, check out our     Geography Alive     program for lessons that integrate theme maps and regional case studies!  One of the great things about theme maps is that they provide a lot of discussion opportunities surrounding place, movement, culture, etc.  For example….one of the things going around on social media right now is this map below.  As a fun little activity, after students get an opportunity to study the map ask them to complete the following tasks.

– Spatially, what is the most common generic name for soft drinks? (think land mass)

– Using a population density map, which generic name for a soft drink is most popular? (you’ll need to compare two theme maps)

– What reasons might explain why some pockets like Arizona and Florida don’t fit necessarily in a regional trend?  (think about the theme of “movement”)

– What is the economic impact on Pepsi or other brands (besides Coke) in states such as Texas?

Isn’t the list of questions compelling?  It makes me both thirsty for drink and for knowledge! lol   What other questions would you ask of students studying this map?  Share as a comment below!

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