Free TCI Lesson: Creating iMovie Trailers

In November I discovered the embedded video below which was  produced and created by middle school US History students.  This was created using only an iPad and the iMovie app.  I started playing around with iMovie and have fallen in love.  It’s super easy to put together a great looking movie trailer using their templates, which this teacher used.  One of the things I did not find, however, was the procedures the teacher used to get his/her class to complete the assignment.  There are plenty of YouTube tutorials (that one’s about 4 minutes long) on how to create a trailer, which is great but let’s be serious…kids don’t read instruction manuals.  They play and figure things out.  The lesson though, that’s something that you would have to create in all that free time you have (note: heavy sarcasm) So, in true TCI fashion….I have created a free lesson (see below the video) that you can use with students to create iMovie trailers!  Enjoy!


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