Free IWB Tool

With 22 IWB tools to choose from, Triptico makes instructional planning fun!

I came across a great, free resource of assorted IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) tools. The resources are by Triptico and can be downloaded HERE. Some are typical tools also found in IWB-maker software such as timers and student pickers. However, I found some really creative ones that create fun games such as the image you see taken from a tool called “Pick Ten.” In this game you create ten things that students must come up and touch that are correct. These are mixed up among five that are incorrect. I did one on the Bill of Rights and it took me about 5 minutes to create a great review game. There is a more challenging game called “What’s the Question” where you create categories similar to Jeopardy for different level hardness of questions. When students click on the red category a single red clue wi

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