Follow Up: The New June 30th Updates Have Arrived!

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made some exciting changes to the TCI Teacher and Student Subscription for the new school year.

Watch the 2 minute

Teacher Subscription Updates Video

Teacher Subscription

1. Improved Control Over Your Table Of Contents.   

You can now customize how much detail you want to see–whether you want to read all about an activity or preview the Reading Further.  

2. More grading flexibility.

 For assessments, you can now select the point value for each question. For notebooks, you can change the value by lesson.

3. Easy access to images and videos.

  Using the new Resource Library you can quickly filter through TCI’s vast number of additional resources, including primary sources, videos, images and more! Pull what you feel would enhance your lesson, or reuse your favorites.

4. Faster, More Reliable Presentations.

 Wow your students with a new look and feel to your presentations. Besides looking great, they load faster, stream smoother, have more interactive features and are easily accessible from any device.

5. More Dynamic Assessment Questions.  

Allow your student’s creativity to pour over into their assessments using the new drawing tool embedded into the online assessments. Now you can go above and beyond the typical multiple choice or writing question.

Watch the 1 minute

Student Subscription Updates Video

Student Subscription

1. Auto-Save all answers.

Don’t worry about hitting the save button anymore. Our new auto-save feature ensures not a minute of your students’ work is missed.

2. Upgraded Reading Challenges.

Now with new animations and an even easier flow from question to question.

3. New Page Layouts,

optimized to look great on any device.

4. Online Drawing Tool.

Students can easily create masterpieces as they answer assessment questions.

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