Flipping with TCI: Links to Resources

Flipped ExcuseHow do you create more time for class?  Meaningful time?


Teachers are always lookng for creative ways to create more time in class to do hands-on, student-centered lessons.  Flipping your class might be a way to do just that.  Flipping, essentially, is where you take typical content delivery (lectures, notes, readings) and move them out of class.  Time in class can then be devoted to delve deeper into topics and make sure that students achieve mastery through higher-order thinking activities.  There are many places you can go to learn much more about flipping.  One place I recommend is the book authored by the two teachers responsible for it: Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student In Every Class Every Day by Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams.


TCI fits the flipped model extremely well!  We have completed two popular webinars which you can view here and here.  If you are planning on attending the National Council for Social Studies in St. Louis this year, you can also come to our pre-conference clinic where we will show how to flip your class with TCI and web 2.0 tools.  The embedded document below are some of the resources we will use during that session.


Tell us about your experiences with flipping.  What do you like? Not like?  What works well?  What challenges do you face?


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