Fan Mail from a Budding Student Playwright

Almost weekly, I receive a handwritten note from one of our student customers. Sometimes they find a mistake or disagree with something in the Student Edition and sometimes they just want to thank us. Alicia from Olympic, Washington, was in the latter category.

Alicia’s two-page letter about History Alive! The Ancient World thanks all of us for writing “the best textbook I have ever read” and then cites several examples of what she likes including the chapter about hominids and all the chapters about religion. She even credited us with helping her do well on a standardized test she took: “It wasn’t nearly as hard as my teacher said it would be.”

Her concluding paragraph was particularly noteworthy: “I’m writing a play based on the first unit of History Alive!  I was going to write a play based on the entire book, but I started sort of late, so I ran out of time. Sincerely, Alicia.”

Well, Alicia from Olympia, it’s gratifying to hear the voice of our most important user group–students. So, from all of us, thanks for the shout out Alicia!

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