Fall 2017’s Best Advice for Science Educators

As we get further into the school year, many K-12 science educators may be wondering how they can better motivate their students in the classroom. The best teaching methods use interactive learning features to get students involved while they learn how to think critically and problem-solve. With that in mind, we’ve created a short list of useful ideas to try out in your classroom this fall.

Tip #1: Keep Students Engaged

The better you are at keeping your students involved and engaged with your lesson plans, the more they will learn and retain. Pick methods that complement what you’re doing in the classroom. Calling on students keeps them more involved in the lesson and more likely to stay on their toes. They will be more willing to share their perspective if their ideas are considered and valued positively.

Tip #2: Make Learning Fun with Variety

For science assignments, try to give students a little room to select their subjects. Write a list of possible options that students can choose from based on their own interests. Or, you can create a more open-ended assignment with specific guidelines that still allows them room to pick a research interest. By allowing students to pick their topics, even with guidelines, students will have a lot more fun learning.

Tip #3: Make a Science Newspaper

You can set up a science newspaper in your classroom to help your students connect science to current events and explore how science relates to their daily world.  Students can write their own articles that relate to current scientific events, and integrate other useful information into the newspaper.
For more ideas about how you can make science interactive and fun, check out TCI’s interactive science curriculum. Built to follow NGSS standards, TCI’s interactive science curriculum provides customizable lesson plans and investigations to keep your classroom engaged all year long.
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