Enhanced Features in TCI Subscriptions

At 5pm on Tuesday, January 29 we are releasing improvements to features in our Teacher and Student Subscriptions. Here is what’s coming in the release:
For Students
–Improved notes: Students will immediately see their saved notes at the top of the text. No need to click “Add Note” if they already have one.
–Maps zoom: Click and zoom in on map details
–Notebook: Improved drawing canvas
 –Floating toolbar: Text-to-audio, notes and Spanish now float at the top of the screen
For Teachers

–Extended pacing days: Now teachers can use the calendar to create an extended pacing day in the past to make the data more accurate
–Self Service: Teachers can look up who their district coordinators are if they want to add a new program or if they want their school to buy more Student Subscriptions (on the Add a Program page and Add a Student page).
Remember, most of the improvements we make to our subscriptions come from suggestions made by teachers like you. If you have an idea for us, click Help and then Give Feedback in your subscription. We’re all ears!

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