Engaging Science Activities for the Fall Season

If you want to get your students active in science this fall, then it’s time to consider trying some of our interactive fall-themed activities that will get them motivated and interactive with hands-on instruction.

Experiment #1: Why Do Apples Turn Brown?

All children have seen an apple that appears brown, sometimes even in their own lunch boxes. Why do apples turn brown in the first place? Can we slow down the browning process?


To start, you’ll want to explain how an apple’s exposure to the air – for example, when an apple is bitten into – starts the browning process through oxidation. Next, you’ll need some apples, lemon juice, and some basic plastic utensils for the experiment. Depending on their age, have children cut wedges out of the apples themselves or provide assistance. Place both wedges on separate paper plates, and squirt one with lemon juice while leaving the other one alone. After observing the untreated apple turn brown, explain to children how lemon juice slows down the oxidation process in apples and other fruits and vegetables.


Experiment #2: Pumpkin Slime Science

Making pumpkin slime can be a fun scientific process for children that utilizes the cross-linking reaction between borate ions in the slime activator combined with PVA found in glue to make an interesting, stretchy slime substance that is fun to play with. To start, you’ll need a small pumpkin for each group of students, liquid starch, water, and clear Elmer’s Washable glue.


First, remove the tops of the pumpkins or have students do it themselves. Next, loosen out the seeds and pulp in the inside of the pumpkin. Add a half cup of liquid starch. Next, combine a half of cup water with a half a cup of glue and pour the mixture into the pumpkin. Mix all of the ingredients in the center of the pumpkin well. When you’re finished, you’ll get a lot of fun pumpkin slime for your students to experiment with.


For more information on other great interactive science experiments, check out TCI’s interactive science curriculum. TCI’s interactive science curriculum provides teachers with a bevy of curriculum and lessons they can easily adapt to fit their needs, and is full of multimedia and interactive experiments for children. Since the best learning takes place when children are involved in hands-on, critical thinking projects, you’ll be able to teach your students better while also allowing them to have fun and explore.

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