Election 2012: Campaign Activities

Election day is rapidly approaching.  Nominating conventions are complete.  Now it’s up to the voters to decide whether President Obama should be reelected or be replaced by Governor Romney.


TCI has created two campaign issue activities you can do with your students.  One activity is built around the words/statements of the campaigns.  The other activity is built around a Venn diagram.  As a teacher, you can do one or the other…or both!  Both activities are built around strong graphic organizers to link important content/concepts to a visual.


With either activity, it is encouraged to have students complete the first part in class.  Make sure students have access to either news sources from the web or in print format.


Each activity has a debrief that challenges the students to dive deeper as a large group.  An optional homework assignment is also included.

Election 2012: Issue Activities

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