What Education Trends To Expect In 2018

With 2018 now upon us, it is time to take a step back and think about what classroom trends we might see, since teachers are educating students to deal with the world of tomorrow. Many factors will come into play when dictating classroom trends this year, but we feel that a few are already happening and will take hold in more and more classrooms across the country. Technology will, of course, play a big part in different teaching methods, but there will also be more of a focus on personalized learning and ways to deal with the changes in society that will impact students as they become adults. We’ll take a more in-depth look at some of these new teaching trends and also cover what some educators feel about the dawning of these trends.



Technology for Personalized Learning

One of the new advents of technology is to help create more personalized learning strategies for students so that students can learn to overcome their weaknesses and capitalize their strengths. With technology, educators now realize that there is no one-size-fits-all teaching approach, and they can use a variety of media now to assist students with a more personalized learning process. The use of next generation online tools helps to promote personalized learning while students still get to collaborate, communicate, and work together, which are all important factors as we work to shape effective citizens.

Katherine Kramer of PCM-G Education emphasized this point, saying, “Personalized learning combines face-to-face teaching, technology-assisted instruction and collaboration to address each student’s learning style and interests for deeper learning. In other words, this type of learning tailors instruction, expression of learning and assessment to each student’s needs and preferences.”


Screen Capture Videos

Another growing trend in education today is the use of screen capture videos that allows teachers to give personalized responses to work submitted online. By using screen capture videos, a teacher can, for instance, record a personalized lecture pointing out areas of strengths and weaknesses while demonstrating the work on-screen and walking the student through the feedback. Ben Worthington, an IELTS teacher for ten years, stated about the use of screen capture in his own teaching, “I think screen capture videos are a good way currently and will continue to be a teaching trend in 2018. By seeing my laptop screen, students see everything as I speak. I would say it’s basic teaching through modern way.”


Technology for Entrepreneurship

Recent college trends demonstrate that students attending universities want to learn more about entrepreneurship. They know they’ll need to become self-effective leaders and generate new ideas in this ever-changing technological world we now live in. Focusing K-12 teaching on entrepreneurship  would be an effective way to prime younger students for the future. Dr. Wendy Weiner, a principal in South Florida, stated, “One of the current trends is to teach Entrepreneurship. We had been watching the universities offer this major for the last few years as the consensus is that this generation will need to create their own opportunities. We started the program this year with tremendous success and parents are asking that students be able to take this course every year.”


Using Technology to Analyze the Media

Nowadays, we tend to hear the term “fake news” often, and we have to stop and think about how this might affect students in the future. After all, students will not only be inundated with a variety of false social media stories, but will most likely discover fake news everywhere given how quickly information can be shared due to technology. Students will need to learn critical thinking skills in order to determine fact from fiction when it comes to fake news. Andrew Selepak from the University of Florida says, “in 2018, more educators will look to incorporate lessons into their coursework on this new phenomenon and find ways to get students to critically evaluate the news and information they consume daily online.”

Understanding these classroom trends can help pave the way for you to develop more effective, modern, and successful teaching methods heading into the future. Making sure you are getting your students prepared for the world of tomorrow is your most important job, and finding ways to implement that successfully will help you grow as a teacher.

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