Easy Tips to Get your Students Motivated for the Holiday Season


While the upcoming holidays can be distracting for most K-12 students, there are a few things you can do to keep learning fun, engaged and focused during this time. To help keep your students motivated prior to their holiday break, we’ve compiled a list of a few helpful tips and ideas.

Make An Interactive Project

By accepting their focus on the upcoming holidays, you can get students excited and engage them by encouraging your students to participate in a few hands-on activities. If you’re not sure what might be fun for your students, we’ve got a few suggestions. One fun holiday project is to create a comic strip, either online or by hand, as a class. You can use many themes or even make your own holiday story when you brainstorm, storyboard, and segment off sections of the comic to complete in groups. Now, this is just one effective holiday idea, since students love comics, they can learn how to set up their own timeline to make the comic, and the freedom to pursue their own ideas.


Decorate Your Class

Decorating your class for the holidays can create a fun opportunity in group work, while also making your students feel welcome and happy each time they see your festive décor. You can bring your own decorations, or you can get your students even more involved. Have them create drawings or craft projects you can use to put in your classroom to create an atmosphere they can own, so they feel like a real contributor to their space.


Use Holiday Themes

Think about fun and creative ways to teach your lessons using holiday themes. For example, you can approach holiday themes in a variety of ways. For a math activity, ask students to budget the gifts they want to purchase for people. Have them write a story or a play for the holidays. Discuss the physical characteristics of pine trees, snow, or winter weather. Or, you could talk to your students about the history of the holidays and what they mean to our culture.

For more ideas on interactive lesson plans, don’t forget to check out TCI’s interactive science and social studies curriculum for students.


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