Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Activities for your Students

If you are busy getting your classroom ready for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to start considering some holiday-themed activities to help keep your students motivated. Here are a few fun, interactive Thanksgiving activities you can enjoy with your students this year.

Thanksgiving Turkey “I Am Thankful For” Activity

The Thanksgiving Turkey “I Am Thankful For” Activity is a coloring and writing activity that gets students thinking about the true meaning of gratitude. Each student is given a turkey to color and a page of feathers. For each feather, they write down something they are thankful for. Then they color the turkey, cut out and glue the feathers, and have a nice turkey to share with their families. Click here to download the free activity

Turkey Spelling Game

The Turkey Spelling Game makes a fun and creative spelling lesson. To start the game, write the letters “TURKEY” on the chalkboard. Then, there are two ways to approach the game. You can either have students come to the board and write out a word that only uses letters from the word “turkey.” Or, you can turn this into a group activity. Each time a group makes a word, they earn a point. Once no other words can be made, the team with the most points wins.

Thanksgiving Matching Game

Using matching games to get your students thinking is an excellent way to promote memory skills. This game can be done by dividing students into groups, and then giving them cards with Thanksgiving symbols. Each group gets two cards of each symbol—a turkey, corn, pilgrim, American Indian, pumpkin, leaves, teepee, log cabin, and canoe. Then, you need to scramble the drawings for the students and ask them to make a match. Whatever group has made the most correct matches wins the game.

Popcorn Race

Separate your classroom into two different groups, and have each group think up a Thanksgiving-style name for their team. Then, give each team two bowls, one empty and one that is filled with popcorn kernels, making sure each popcorn kernel bowl has the same amount of kernels. Make sure the empty bowls and the bowls with the kernels are on different sides of the classroom. Then, line the teams up, give a spoon to each team, and have them transport the kernels from the full bowl to the empty bowl. Whoever moves all the kernels first wins.

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