Easing Those Back to School Woes

What if every student were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the first day?

As a teacher I know all about the various learning styles, multiple intelligences, etc.  As a parent, I am having to do my research to determine which parenting style best suits me and my family…and I think I am different depending on the season!

Depending on your location in the country, you may or may not be gearing up to send your little ones back to school in a few short weeks.  For some of us, school starts the first week of August.  Yes, summer is all too short, and that first week back is very trying on everyone involved.  In doing my own research on how to prep my children to get back to the grind, I decided to share some tips with our loyal readers and request feedback from you as well! 

Seven Tips for Success:

1)  Send children to bed earlier weeks before school starts.

2)  Try online educational games to refresh basic skills in core subject areas. One of my favorite sites with many links is www.kidsites.com 

3)  Read with your children nightly (great year-round activity-but particularly important as school begins).

4)  Speak of school as a very positive experience.  If you act as though you are dreading the school year, so will they!

5)  Attend back-to-school nights!  Especially for elementary children, meeting the teacher ahead of time can ease some of the anxiety they feel about a new classroom environment.

6)  Getting up early is as important as going to bed early.  Again, start a gradual transition so the first week back is not as traumatic and students are not as tired.

7)  Eating on a schedule- many students eat at strange times throughout the summer.  They then find themselves starving at lunchtime that first week of school. 

It’s amazing how much one can forget over the short summer months, so brushing up on skills is so important.  Maintaining an excitement and passion for learning is equally important, and the example and attitude we set as parents sets the stage!    Please share what you do as a parent, or suggestions you have as a teacher for easing back to school woes at any grade level!  And of course, if your child is using a TCI program, they will surely be excited about getting back to social studies class!

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