DIY Fall Decorations for the Classroom

Let’s face it… this time of year is magical. Beautifully changing trees, a crisp chill in the air, pumpkin flavored everything, and a short countdown to Christmas… what could be better? If you love the fall and want to be constantly reminded of this incredible time of year, you likely want to be surrounded by all things fall 24/7. Your home is decked out, your front porch is adorned with leaves and pumpkins and hay bales, and you even put a pumpkin-scented air freshener in your car. All that’s left is your classroom.

But what kind of fall decorations can you put in your classroom that aren’t too overwhelming (or underwhelming), too expensive, or too cheesy? Check out our list on the best fall decorations for your classroom that you can make at home in no time!

Bulletin Boards

These are a great and easy way to deck out your classroom in a fall feeling. Line the bulletin board with a fall color (we suggest red, yellow, orange, or brown) and then pick some fall elements to include. A tree with acorns, falling leaves, or a pumpkin patch will do the trick.

Student-Made Decorations

This is a great way to get a ton of fall decorations super quickly, and the students will love it! Art day in science class!? Yes, please! Consider having the students make jack-o-lantern cutouts, giant paper scarecrows, owls to perch on a bulletin board tree, handprint leaves, or stamped corn cobs. The complexity of some of these projects will depend on the ages of your students, but you can adjust them according to their skill level. Have them help you hang them up on your bulletin board, on the windows, or just on the walls of the classroom, and your room is sure to look and feel incredibly festive right away.

Fall Garland

If you can’t squeeze in enough time to have your students help with décor, there are still a ton of things you can DIY yourself to bring your classroom into the fall festivities. A fall garland is a great way to decorate a large space quickly, especially if you have a Cricut, die cut, or other paper cutting machine. Cut out a ton of fall images (leaves, pumpkins, etc.), and simply string them on yarn, string, or fishing line. Then just hang up the strands! You can do them against walls hanging down from the ceiling, in doorways, or strung up around the room like Christmas lights. They’ll bring a big pop of color and get you in the fall spirit immediately!

Fall Banner

Go check out your local dollar store or the dollar section at a big retail store and you’ll likely find foam cutouts in fall images. Leaves, spider webs, pumpkins, and more are super cheap and can be used in a variety of ways. One way we recommend is to glue a few of them together, either horizontally or vertically, and then purchase (or cut out of other foam) the word “FALL” and attach it to your background. This can be hung on a door or a wall and is a nice way to usher in this fantastic time of year.

Thankful Tree

This is a great DIY decoration as well as a great lesson for your students. Create a giant tree on your classroom wall using rolled and crinkled up brown butcher paper. Then die cut or Cricut a bunch of leaves in fall colors and hand one to each student. Have them write down something they’re thankful for and then attach the leaves to the tree. Not only will your students be able to see what their classmates are grateful for this fall, but they’ll get to enjoy a festive fall decoration that they had a part in creating.

Fall Luminaries

Get some mason jars and some fake leaves from your local craft store, along with a bottle of Elmer’s glue. Mix the glue with some water and paint the mason jars, stick the leaves to them, and then paint the glue/water mixture over the leaves. Once they are dry, get some flameless candles and put them in the jars. They’ll leave a warm and beautiful glow that will get you right into the fall spirit.

Fall Wreaths

Wreaths are becoming popular for every single holiday and season, and fall is no different. You have probably seen a number of fall wreaths at local stores, but you can make one yourself for a fraction of the cost, and it can look exactly how you want it. Maybe you want leaves on the wreath or fall-colored ornaments. Or maybe you want it made out of burlap or pinecones with some fall flowers. No matter what type of wreath you want to make for your classroom, there are instructions for how to DIY it online somewhere. You can even make multiple and hang them on windows, doors, and classroom walls.






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