Digital Textbooks That are Truly Interactive

What makes a digital textbook interactive?  We think it’s more than a fun game or a flashy (not Flash!) banner.  It’s text that is accessible to students. It’s purposeful game-like challenges.  It’s opportunities to demonstrate knowledge.  Because we believe all of these ideas, we’re spending this spring improving our Student Subscriptions to bring students further into digital learning and make our material more interactive.

If you haven’t been in a subscription lately–in which case, I would recommend a 30-day trial–here are a few of the support tools that already invite students to dive into content:

–    Text to audio supports students who may be struggling with reading.
–    Inline vocabulary definitions allow students to reveal definitions of key terms while they’re reading, then hide them to avoid distraction.
–    English/Spanish toggle to support Spanish speaking students.
–    A game-like Reading Challenge that checks for understanding at the end of each chapter.

TCI is proud of all of these features, but we want to take online learning up a level with a “read then do” approach.  We’ve always believed that “doing” was a critical step in the learning process. You’ve seen this in our classroom activities as well as the Interactive Student Notebook.

Beginning this summer, each lesson will have a variety of activities.  Students might read, then respond to a writing prompt. Or students might watch a video that reinforces the ideas in the text.  By adding more of these interactions, we anticipate higher student engagement leading to better understanding, and ultimately, better test scores.

These are just a few of the ways we believe a digital textbook can be more than the same old text delivered in a new way.

What features would you like to see in TCI Student Subscriptions?

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