Daily Primary Source Gems

The National Archives (@TodaysDocument on Twitter) has a great tool that I’ve become a big fan of. The tool is called Today’s Doc. You can visit the website here or get the app for your Apple or Android deviceĀ here. Each day, you can view a great primary source document tied to our history. Sometimes they are as simple but profound as the one you see below. Think about the meaning, “This is no drill.” Imagine opening class tomorrow by simply having this image posted on the screen. Challenge your students with a bell-ringer to figure out the significance of the document. Have the students take a few moments to scour their books or web resources to find out more and write down what they think it means on a slip of paper. Collect them and award a bonus point on the next quiz or test if correct. What a great way to have the students look at famous, infamous, and even sometimes quirky primary sources in history.

It's fascinating to step back in time and view these primary sources.

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