Common Core & TCI: A Toolkit to Reading Readiness

College and career readiness plays a prominent role in the Common Core standards.  Examine the ELA Anchor Standards Grades 6-12  (p. 57 of pdf).  How can the content areas, such as social studies, support these ten anchor standards?  What resources can teachers put together to concentrate on the reading skills needed to uncover the rich content of their course?  TCI has a Reading Toolkit (see the embedded document below) that could be part of your answer.


An example of how this Reading Toolkit can support the Common Core standards is the REAP (Reading Encoding Annotate Ponder) reading strategy.  Anchor standard number two states, “Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development; summarize the key supporting details and ideas.”  The REAP strategy (see picture) challenges students to create a graphic organizer where, after reading, they complete the following:

 Step 1: Read (R) the text. Write the title of the chapter.

Step 2: Encode (E) the text. Use your own words to describe the main idea of the chapter.

Step 3: Annotate (A) the text. Summarize at least three important points from the chapter.

Step 4: Ponder (P) the text. Write down at least one question that you now have after reading this chapter.

I really like how students are challenged at the end to “ponder”…to question what they’ve read.  This internalization and extension of their reading builds on their comprehension and leads to a greater understanding and awareness of their content.

TCI’s Reading Toolkit is packed with a pre-reading guide, four examples of organizational text patterns, four reading comprehension strategies (REAP included), and four vocabulary development strategies.  TCI includes this Reading Toolkit into it’s award-winning subscriptions along with a Writing Toolkit among other great resources!


Follow TCI as we show you other resources and lesson ideas on integrating the Common Core standards in your classroom.

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Reading Toolkit

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