Common Core: Steal these tools!

A few weeks ago, I was searching for some information on the E-LA Common Core. One site immediately caught my attention because the first thing it said was, “Steal thee tools.” I took a look and found the information to be very helpful. The tools are put out by a non-profit called Student Achievement Partners. It was created by a couple of people involved in the development of the Common Core who wanted to help educators with implementation. Here are some examples of what their site,, provides:
• Common Core Shifts: Three big ideas for ELA/Literacy and three big ideas for Mathematics that capture the major changes in the Common Core.

• Standards Overview PowerPoint: A presentation that give high level information on the Common Core and details on the three shifts.

• Professional Development modules: Designed for individual use or for schools and districts, these provide a facilitator’s guides and presentations with hands-on activities on a variety of topics.


Check out these resources at or  find resources from other great organizations in the Common Core section of our website:


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