Common Core, Social Studies, & You

Is your district planning and prepping for how you will integrate your social studies programs with the appropriate strands of the Common Core? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of districts across the country are currently doing the same thing.


If you are new to common core and how it relates to social studies, take an opportunity to visit the OFFICIAL SITE  to learn more. You will find various links for language arts and mathematics. You might wonder, “Where’s the link to my content?” Embedded in the Language Arts standards are strands specific to social studies. At grades K-5 these are tightly woven together with the language arts reading standards. At grades 6-12, standards are called out specific to social studies. For grades 6-8, see THIS. For grades 9-10, see THIS.  ) For grades 11-12, see THIS.  Late this spring, TCI will be releasing correlations to the common core and specific TCI programs making it easier for schools currently implementing the TCI Approach to see where the natural connections exist.


As you begin your path towards the common core, what instructional practices are you putting into place to meet the needs? Click on the image below to add your own note on an online corkboard called Lino It. You can add text, images, videos, and documents using this great, free web 2.0 site.

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