Common Core: Helping Student Identify Text Structure

Common Core Helping Students Master Text Structure
We recently offered a webinar on text structure and how it can help you meet Common Core standards. It was so well received that we wanted to share the information and handout with everyone.

Our fearless leader, Julie Monetta, explained that there are six types of text structure. If you can help your students identify them and understand their purpose, they will be more successful readers, writers, and content consumers. The types of structure and their purpose are:

  1. Description-purpose is just to describe
  2. Sequence or timeline-purpose is to convey steps that must be completed in order
  3. Compare and contrast-purpose is to present likenesses and differences
  4. Cause and effect-purpose is to explain evidence of cause and effect
  5. Problem and solution-purpose is to describe a problem, the desired solution and the steps taken to solve it
  6. Argument and evidence-purpose is to convince the reader to do something  by making a strong claim and providing evidence

How can you help your students understand and remember these structures? How about a beach ball?


Julie and her colleagues devised a clever activity using a beach ball to demonstrate each structure. It’s easy, clever and will help students remember.


You can download the slides and handouts that explain this activity and the text structures. The handout also has examples of text and student notes.


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