Make Cool Review Games and Graphic Organizers!

I’m loving this website lately!

You can quickly create fun, simple review games for vocabulary and to test basic content in a unit. Select the template “Game Generator,” enter your vocab or content questions, and then the website creates a game for you (using Flash).  Save the URL or embed the game into your blog, wiki, or class website so students can play it anytime!  Would also be great to use with your Interactive Whiteboard and play as individuals or teams.

There are also many useful graphic organizer templates. Students could fill in the graphic organizers for notes and then print their work or save it (as a website) to the network. Each template contains some nifty examples and quick and easy ways to implement the game/organizer in class.

Check out this “sample page” for Venn Diagrams–make sure to scroll down and click on some of the samples:  I used to have my students use Triple Venn Diagrams to compare world cultures and religions in Geography and the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches in Government. Other types of  graphic organizers include: Fishbone (similar to a spoke diagram), Animated Book, Timeline, Cycle, Jigsaw Diagram, and Priortiy Chart.

And…if you have any large outlines that you give as class notes, “Telescopic Topic” lets you collapse the levels so that students can focus on what you’re discussing at the time (instead of randomly copying the entire outline and then falling asleep).

So go try out one of these review games during summer school or as a back-to-school review of basic concepts!  OR… Assign them to your students on the first day of school! Have them create review games of “important stuff” they learned last year–see if they can stump each other and use the games as an early indicator of previous knowledge.

Have fun!


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