Changes Made To Date

We’re always listening to teacher feedback and in the past year, we’ve based several new updates on that feedback. What was your favorite new feature? What are you hoping to see next?


1) Make It Your Own

Presentations are now customizable! Edit text, hide slides and save multiple versions to meet the unique needs of each class period.

2) Prep It Faster

Lessons are paced out for you, so you can be flexible in your teaching and skip the parts that you don’t need.

3) ¿Necesita clases de español?

Spanish Lesson Guides are now available for most programs and in development for the rest, checking one more thing off your list.

4) Relevant information, right at your fingertips

Our new info bars provide tips and resources specific to the page you’re on.

5) Single Sign-On and Rostering

We’re constantly adding integrations to allow you to seamlessly integrate TCI with your other classroom tools.

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