Can Technology Create True Interactivity in Your Classroom?

Geek Lab_TCI Leadership Conference

A teacher practices using TeachTCI to teach a lesson

The focus of this year’s Leadership Conference was technology. But not just technology for technology’s sake. In fact, I began the conference with a keynote challenge asking participants: “Can technology create true interactivity in your classroom?” My fear is that technology may be making students less prone to true, deep learning.  I quoted a New York Times article that warned: “Some experts believe excessive use of the Internet, cell phones, and other technologies can cause us to become more impatient, impulsive, forgetful and even more narcissistic (NYT, June 6, 2010).

Throughout the rest of the conference, TCI Trainers and technology experts showed participants a vision of how to turn the single computer/projector classroom into a dynamic learning environment. Now every TCI lesson is available on TeachTCI as a slideshow that integrates interactive whiteboard technology with visuals and audio. Participants were elated as they discovered how complex TCI lessons can be easily taught with this tool. As one participant told me: “You’ve made the TCI Approach much, much more approachable!”

I left the conference feeling that TCI is on the verge of something really big. Buoyed by our customers’ enthusiasm for the technology we’ve already created, I believe in the coming years we’ll create a type of classroom technology the world has yet to see—technology that creates true interactivity and learning among students. What do you think?

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