California’s History-Social Science Adoption Stats


California recently adopted a new framework for K-12 Social Sciences which adapted the previous standards to meet more current needs and trends. The old standards focused on content while the new framework focuses more on how social sciences should be taught.

The shifts in the new California framework focuses on: Rich Historical Content, Inquiry-Based critical thinking skills, Integrated Literacy Activities and Active Citizenship.

Rather than teaching students about the correct answer, the new framework focus on teaching them to think of important events from a variety of viewpoints, so that they can see all sides of an issue and learn better skills to make effective decisions. Focusing on creating more critical thinkers, the idea behind the new History-Social Science framework is to develop better analytical skills, which will let children reach more informed decisions about the historical events they are likely to encounter in the future.

Using history and social studies in this way allows students to learn how the past can impact the future, and how critical thinking can allow them to make better decisions so that the future evolves into a flourishing world. Aside from helping students become better critical thinkers, the new state framework also focuses on marginalized people in society, placing a greater emphasis on a variety of cultures including Native Americans and LGBT. Promoting both critical thinking methods and introducing the backgrounds of different cultures into the curriculum emphasizes developing students into well-rounded, well-informed decision makers.

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