Buying Curriculum…Like Buying a House?

Imagine you are house hunting. You are looking at one neighborhood with two houses on the market. The pricing is virtually the same. But the houses are very different.

House #1 is custom built to your needs and ready to move in.

House #2 is older with promise of remodeling the house to meet your needs. You can move in now but the remodel will take time. You *might* have what you need in 2 years.

Which would you choose?

This scenario is what’s happening with school districts looking at science curriculum today. The Next Generation Science Standards were released spring 2013.

House #1 (TCI) waited for NGSS to be finalized so it could be the foundation of our curriculum to build every one of our components on. Classroom Presentations, Student Text, Tutorials, Interactive Student Notebook, etc. were developed to meet NGSS standards.

House #2 (existing science curriculum companies 2) are trying to take their existing curriculum and “retrofit” it to be aligned to NGSS. They want you to buy now with the promise that overtime they will be aligned.

Again, which would you choose?

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