Bringing Primary and Secondary Sources Alive for your Students

If you are a social studies teacher than you work with an array of historical documents throughout your curriculum.  The challenge is getting your students to first critically analyze these primary and secondary sources, then gather and apply the evidence to support their opinion or conclusions.  Well, TCI to the rescue!  We’ve hosted two webinars jam packed with strategies, tips, and handouts to help you meet the needs of standards for literacy, and at the same time, get your students motivated and eager to unlock the mysteries found in thousands of archived documents.  We’ve linked you to these two highly rated Webinars below:  Teaching with Documents and DBQs Without the Dull Factor and Using Primary Sources to Spark Student Interest.  So put your jammies on, put your feet up, then watch, listen, and learn how to bring documents to life in your classroom.


One more thing…you can also participate in a live webinar on Nov 7 at 3:30pm (Pacific). Primary Sources : 3 Places to Get Them And 10 Classroom Activities You’ll Love. Register to reserve your spot.

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