Assessment Time is Coming

What best practices do you have surrounding assessments?

It sounds like something Paul Revere would say, but in this case it’s something a little closer to home teaching-wise: assessments are coming!  The end of the quarter is getting closer for schools who started at the beginning of August.  For others, it’s right around the corner.  In my classes that always meant anxiety…not just the kids, but me too.  Thankfully, there were great TCI lessons that made it easy for my students to remember key content.  Still, the challenge existed for making sure students could cull back through all that we studied to look for what was most meaningful.

Web 2.0 offers some great tools for teachers and students as they prepare for assessments.  Here are just a few sites and ideas on how you could utilize them.

*Put together an online study guide, practice test, and flash cards using  You can set this up as a free account for one big test, decide if you like it, and then pursue a paid option or seek out another resource.

*If you are giving your students an extended writing assignment, encourage descriptive writing that’s not repetitive by using sites like ,, or

*You can even create an online practice test that will be scored using 

These are just a few ideas you can try out. Of course you  have some great techniques to get ready for assessments too; and we’d like to hear them!  So please share your best practice and links as a comment below.

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